Victim Witness

The Victim/Witness Assistance Program is available to assist you and help navigate you through the court process. The program responds to the needs of and enforces the rights of victims and witnesses of crime. Provides support services to victims of crime, generally information about criminal justice system and referrals to available community resources. Information is given about the role of a witness, court procedures, interpreters, restitution, and more.

If you have any questions, or if we can do anything to help you, please let us know.  (757)382-6417.

Message From Sheriff O'Sullivan About Victim/Witness

Victims and witnesses are a crucial part of the Criminal Justice System, and I am aware of the difficulties they encounter. The Victim/Witness Assistance Program was created to be more responsive to your needs and to enforce your rights. The program will ensure sensitive crisis assistance, and help to promote an understanding of the criminal justice system and your role in it. We are aware that victims and witnesses have special needs, and our program is available to assist with information and referrals for services. It is my commitment that the Victim/Witness Assistance Program will do all that is possible to assist victims of crime. If you have questions, or if we can do anything to help you, please let us know. By working together, we can certainly make Chesapeake a safer community.

Contact Us

Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office Attn: Victim/Witness Assistance Program P.O. Box 15125 Chesapeake, Virginia 23328 Main office: (757) 382-6417 Fax: (757) 382-8373

Office Locations: 2nd floor of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Building 2nd floor of the General District and Circuit Court Building


  • Patty Strathmann (757) 382-6794
  • Anita Santiago (757) 382-3207
  • Jackee Morales-Padilla (757) 382-8172
  • Michelle Maestle Padilla (757) 382-8397
  • Susan Overton (757) 382-6883
  • Michael Arthur (757) 382-6417
  • What You Should Know About Victim/Witness

    Please contact the Victim/Witness Assistance Program if you would like information on the following:

  • Financial Assistance
  • Information on filing for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund (CICF)
  • Information on court ordered restitution
  • Notification
  • Advanced notification of judicial proceedings
  • Case status and disposition information on your case
  • Employer contact to ensure you are not penalized for appearing in court
  • Upon written request, notification from a local jail or the penitentiary of the convicted assailants release or name change
  • Upon written request, notification from the Attorney General’s Office of an appeal being granted
  • Victim Input
  • Your right to provide a written and/or verbal Victim Impact Statement after the defendant’s conviction
  • Courtroom Assistance
  • You would like an explanation of court proceedings
  • You would like a tour of the courtroom before you testify
  • You would like a victim advocate to attend court with you
  • You have questions about your role as a witness
  • You have questions about obtaining a protective order
  • Upon written request, confidentiality of your address and telephone number
  • Provision of an interpreter during court proceedings
  • Separate waiting areas during court proceedings
  • Helpful tips when coming to court

  • Leave electronic devices, such as cell phones and cameras, at home.
  • Be to court on time.
  • Leave yourself plenty of time to park and walk to the court building.
  • Be aware of any bridge lifts you may encounter on your drive to court.
  • Be prepared to wait. Our courts are busy and handle many cases every day.
  • Arrange childcare ahead of time.
  • Due to the heavy caseload, cases are not always called at the time of your subpoena; therefore, you may be in court for an extended period of time.
  • Dress neatly.
  • The way you dress is a direct reflection of you and your character.
  • Be prepared.
  • Bring any evidence, such as pictures, to court for your hearing.