All visitors must be signed in at least one hour prior to the final visitation time indicated. Children 12 to 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All visitors including children must be on the approved visitation list prepared by the resident. You may contact the Correctional Facility to determine housing location of the person you wish to visit and designated visitation schedule. No one under the age of 12 will be permitted a visit under any circumstances. Every visitor must present a valid picture ID before being permitted a visit. ALL   visitors must pass through a metal detector and /or be screened by a hand held metal detecting wand. Inmates are allowed one (1) thirty (30) minute visit each week. If visitation falls on a city holiday, there will be no visitation that day. Makeup days will not be provided. Every effort will be made to provide sufficient notice of any visitation cancelation due to inclement weather. Visitors must be properly dressed at all times prior to and including the entire duration of the visit. Any clothing items considered to be provocative or revealing in nature are prohibited. Shirts displaying lewd or suggestive messages, mini-skirts, or “cut-offs” will not be allowed. Shoes are required at all times. The lobby officer has the authority to refuse any visit due to inappropriate attire.   VISITATION HOURS Visitors must sign in an hour prior to final visitation time.

Morning Visitation

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Evening Visitation

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